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Video Editing: DIY vs Professional

January 25, 2018

  1. Video editing is the biggest hold up for people creating their own content. I get it! I’ve been editing for almost 20 years now (that just blew my mind!) and it is something that I STILL continue to learn. But not everyone has the time or patience (or drive) to learn a professional editing software such as Premiere Pro. They also may not have the money to hire a production team and editor to create their content.

So what do you do?

Lucky for you, some geniuses have come up with uber user-friendly editing software (one app of which we covered on this episode of #sheraves). This makes it possible for you to edit video from your phone!

But where do you draw the line between what can be edited on your own vs when you should call in a professional?

Great question. Here are a few pointers:

When to DIY edit…

• A quick update on a product or service to be shared through social media (excluding YouTube)

• Simple step-by-step tutorials. For example, if you are a personal trainer and you want to show how to do a proper push-up, you can record the steps with the camera on your phone, and then use an app like Adobe Spark Video to put it all together with title cards.

• Any sort of photo/text lookbook type video. If you are a fashion brand that just came out with a line of jewlery, you can put a bunch of photos of the new line into a video and add some music (iMovie is great for this!)


When to use a professional…

• Anywhere potential clients are getting a first look at your brand, you want it to look as professional as possible. A good rule of thumb is videos found on the home page of a website or in the “about” section, should be professional. Splurge on the video that introduces your brand to the world. Hiring professionals for this will insure a much higher-quality production than what you can create yourself.

• When creating the look or aesthetic of your brand. Consult with a professional at the beginning stage so you have a solid foundation to make all content blend within your brand story. Editors and graphic designers can help you choose fonts and colors which will serve as a road map when you create bonus content yourself. They also provide a fresh perspective on the brand that you’ve been obsessing over in your own mind for months!


You know we love to answer questions. So please send thoughts/questions/comments our way!




    • Lizz Rantze
      Lizz Rantze

      It depends on how large of an edit you’re looking to do. With that said, if you are looking for a compilation video of all of your trips that will introduce who you and your brand are to the world, then yes! Hire a professional to make you look as bad ass as possible!

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