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5 Common Mistakes in Photo Editing

January 18, 2018

This week we want to talk about photo editing and how easy it can be to overdue it. Typically, you want an edit to enhance your photo, not completely over shadow it. 

Here are the 5 most common photo editing mistakes:

1. Over-Saturating 

Messing too much with features like saturation or contrast can warp the natural colors and depth of a shot. This can cause the aspects of the photo to appear unnatural and artificial. Unless you’re going for a more abstract approach, it might be best to limit these and remember, less is more!

2. Heavy Filters

This is a common mistake that people make while using Instagram and other editing apps. Some filters drastically alter the image instead of enhancing. Similar to the overuse of the saturation tool, these filters can deteriorate your original photo.

 3. Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatment tools can often be useful, but an overuse can cause an image to appear blurry. Think about those Sears photos your mom would make you get in the 90’s. Everything looked like a blur was put over the image. When using a model as your subject, you don’t want to alter their appearance so much that they no longer look human. Imperfection is beautiful. One app that we find useful is Moldiv, which we talk about in this week’s episode of #sheraves.

4.  Not Knowing Your Tools

Take some time to test out different apps and find your editing style. Learn how to use them and what works for your photos. And always remember the goal of editing is to enhance the photo.

5. Relying on Post (the edit)

Editing apps are great for enhancing color and touching up minor blemishes. But it is important that you plan out the lighting/location/style of your shoot beforehand so you are not relying on the edit to make your photo. So always do some pre-planning!

Let us know what apps your using!



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