Rantze + Raves

We are a creative boutique and video production company

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Project Development

Creative, planning & consulting

Video Production

Studio, aerial & exteriors

Post Production

Editing, color, graphics & sound design

Social Media Content + Ads

Creative, production & editing

Brand(ed) Content

Logo design, development & production

Promos + Sizzles + Trailers

Storytelling, production & editing

A creative force to be reckoned with.

Matt Rodrigues


Lizz Rantze

Founder. Director. Editor. Producer.

Meet the Boss

Bringing together her SoCal entertainment roots and her New York education in production, Lizz launched Rantze + Raves in 2010. After realizing her dream of becoming a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson wasn’t working out, she turned her focus to what goes on behind the camera. Years of training both behind and in front of the camera inspired her to create a full-service production company that thrives on collaboration. She is proud to say that Rantze + Raves is a space where clients and artists work together to craft unique, compelling and most of all bad-ass video content that keeps the audience watching.

Rantze + Raves was built on passion and continues to grow because of our dedication to learning, exploring, and constantly refining our point of view. We’re committed to staying up-to-date on new trends and technology, and we’re able to keep the passion burning strong thanks to the inspirational work of our stupidly talented team.

Meet the Team

Rantze + Raves has cultivated a roster of award-winning media artists and all-around amazing human beings. These include Emmy-winning DP’s, editors, sound engineers, photographers and graphic designers (to name a few). Your production team will be tailored to the specific needs of your project, so hit us up and let’s get started!

[Rantze + Raves] are creative geniuses...and understand what it takes to stand out in an overly saturated content world!

Ali Grant

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They consistently meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of video production.

Trevor Duke-Moretz