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R+R Blog: The Brand Gap

February 23, 2018

New book alert!

You know we are super passionate about the business of branding over here. And we keep hearing about a certain book, so we made it our next book club book. The title is The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier. It is a super quick but informative read and according to Amazon, here are the highlights:

• the new definition of brand
• the five essential disciplines of brand-building
• how branding is changing the dynamics of competition
• the three most powerful questions to ask about any brand
• why collaboration is the key to brand-building
• how design determines a customer’s experience
• how to test brand concepts quickly and cheaply
• the importance of managing brands from the inside
• 220-word brand glossary

Side note, they also have done a beautiful job branding the book. So Marty walks the walks the walk, and talks the talk. We dig it.

Have you read it? Send us your thoughts!


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