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Keeping Up with Your Content

January 5, 2018

Hey Ravers!

Katt here for another blog takeover!

I am always helping keep things organized around here, and between all of the content on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I have to rely on a content scheduler in order to keep everything straight.

What is a content scheduler? It is (normally) an app or desktop program that lets you schedule all of your future content in one place. This is also helpful for social media accounts like Instagram because you have the ability to preview what your photos will look like on your grid before you post them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s break it down.

There are a ton of content scheduling apps out there. All have different benefits, you just have to search and find the one that works for you.

The one we use (and will be talking about today) is an app called Later. And here’s why we love it:

1. Scheduling

Plan all of your content ahead of time! No more scrambling to post. And it works across all platforms so you can line up all of your content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

2. Works on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop

This feature was a major selling point for us. While the app works on your phone and tablets, they also have a website formatted so you can sign in and use it directly from your desktop. We have photos on both our phones and desktop, and even though airdrop makes it pretty simple to transfer photos and video from each device, it simplifies things when we can just upload everything from any device into one media library. Which brings us to our next point.

3. Media Library

This feature allows you to upload your media directly from your phone, computer, drive and Dropbox. Once uploaded, all of your media is saved right there on the app and accessible from all devices.

 4. Visual Instagram Planner

You all know how important aesthetics are to us, so we find this feature extremely useful. It allows you to preview your scheduled posts so you can see how they fit in your grid. If something doesn’t fit, you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping. It’s amazing.

 5. Visual Search Tools

This is the one feature we haven’t yet fully explored, but it is worth mentioning. Later helps you stay on topic with this option. It allows you to search for content by hashtags, users, or likes to repost or find some inspiration.

There are more features that are helpful for brands like Instagram analytics linkin.bio integration. Head on over to Later to learn more.

We hope we just made your content craziness a bit more manageable. Please leave in the comments if you’ve tried this or if there is another scheduler you like.

Happy Posting!



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