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K-Pop: Why You Should Be Paying Attention

October 26, 2017

This post is a follow-up to this episode of #sheraves.

Hey Ravers!

Katt speaking. I’ve commandeered the blog this week in a K-Pop takeover!

There’s a lot to K-Pop and this may very well be your first time hearing about it, but it’s a worldwide phenomenon that I believe is worth discussing; especially if you are looking for inspiration in the video production world.

The top agencies in the South Korean entertainment industry dominate the Korean Pop (K-Pop) music scene (and represent the artists).  They are using the music videos as their main form of marketing for their artists, and because of this, they spare no expense in producing the highest quality videos possible. Basically, the fans want to see these idols as much as possible and that mentality fuels the business.

Here is what they are doing right, and why you should be paying attention:



The set design for these music videos and live performances are crazy artistic. In what seems like a very short amount of time, they are able to design and create incredibly intricate and beautiful works of art. Often the sets are enhanced with the use of green screen, generating an out-of-this-world feel.



The concepts of these videos often go hand in hand with the lyrics. They portray the feeling and message of the song through beautiful images. One band that is really doing this well is BTS. They focus a lot on underlying themes that coincide with their song lyrics.  And it’s just so damn beautiful.



K-Pop MVs are using creative motion techniques to allure the audience. For example, BIG BANG’s “Love Song” was shot in one take, and BTS’s new video, “DNA” opens with an a cool 180 degree effect.



This is a big one lately. The popular visual in K-Pop MVs right now is color, and lots of it. They are over-saturating the colors so much that it almost makes you feel like you’re trippin’ on Fruit Loops! It’s intoxicating.



Guys, have you seen them dance? K-Pop is home to some of the most unique dance choreography. That is arguably the main attraction of these videos.

The choreography is so important, that they’re always learning and branching out to find the next best move. The agencies are known to seek out collaborations and teachings from famous, award-winning choreographers such as Parri$ and Keone and Mari Madrid.


South Korean artists put a lot of hours in for this job and dedicate majority of their lives to their craft. To give you an idea, they typically release at least two albums a year. I repeat, two albums A YEAR! That’s a lot of dancing, singing, writing, and performing! (Much more than the average American artist.)

Well, I’ve given you plenty to think about. Now go watch some K-Pop MVs! These kids are killing it!

A few recommendations to start you off would be any music from the 2 most popular groups and my favorites:

BIG BANG: They have been active for 11 years now and have paved the music pathway for a lot K-Pop artists.

BTS: Hold countless sold out concerts all over the world, including the US, and are the first K-Pop group to win a Billboard Music Award.

I have posted a few links below to get you started. Sit back and enjoy the magic that is K-Pop! You’re welcome:)







Spring Day




Bae Bae


Love Song




Ko Ko Bop




Hello Bitches




Don’t Wanna Cry




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