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January, 2011.

This project began as an exercise to get me acquainted with a once very intimating piece of equipment; the Canon 5D Mark II. Being an editor, I invested in this camera to expand my company’s shooting capabilities. Once the camera was in my hands, I suddenly had the drive to learn the functionality myself.

The challenge was this: take a photo a day for one year. This forced me to use the camera everyday, outside/inside, day/night, in all elements, and in turn, gain the knowledge of shutter speeds, ISO and aperture. Let me be clear that I am in no way claiming to be a pro at this point. There is still much for me to learn and I will continue employing professionals when it comes to shooting for RANTZE & RAVES clientele. But I can now handle, use and discuss the camera with a confidence I previously never had. This has not only made me a smarter editor but also has allowed me the creative freedom to portray the world as I see it. Many lessons were learned including the constant challenge to literally look at things from a different angle.

BLINK is a collection of 365 photos taken from January-December 2011. The majority of the photos were taken with the 5D, but you will find a few point-and-shoot and iphone shots in there as well. Some photos are great, some are not, but all the choices and mistakes that I made are here, and I’m proud of all of it.

My hope in sharing this project is that it lights a fire in somebody else out there. Thank you for taking a look.


rantze and raves, LLC


P.S. :

Special thanks to...Jake... of LIFEinaVAN Studios for all his hours of tutelage and patience...My family & friends...for being so trusting when asked if I could take their picture for a “secret project.”...Eric...for working so hard on this amazing site...Amanda...for making sure my grammar is correct...My parents...for raising me and bravely supporting me no matter what crazy idea I come up with...& dog Homer...for the unconditional love.